Escape Me Not Bandage Wrap Waist Trainer


Escape Me Not is the customer's new favorite waist trainer. Its long elasticity waist bandage makes it easy to adjust to any body type. Not like your ordinary waist trainer that rolls up in the back and leaves your lower abdomen unsecured. Don't miss out on the market's most popular waist trainer. Providing comfortability and support.

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Women's Pamper Me Box


Pamper Me Box, filled with all your special essentials. 

Room Spray- ylang ylang, vanilla, sweet orange essential oils and witch hazel

Spa bath salt- Epsom salt, majoram, lavender, carrier oil and dried rose petals.

Seduce Me Softly massage oil- sweet orange, lavender, cinnamon leaf, clove bud, vanilla, and a carrier oil

Lemon meringue roll on perfume- coriander, bergamot, lemongrass and a carrier oil

Loofah scrub

2 sweet pea tealight candles

Relieve The Pain


Relieve the Pain is a muscle minder massage oil for pain. Do you experience inflammation? Have discomfort after a work out or sore muscles from an injury? Our massage oil decrease inflammation, decrease pain, prevents bruising, and scaring. Also included is a cool mist spray to reduce pain.

Men's Pamper Me Box


Muscle Mender Massage Oil- peppermint, clove, cinnamon, ginger, and carrier oil.
Tropic Thunder Beard Oil- hemp oil, cypress, avocado, bergamot, apricot, clove and a carrier oil.
Razor Burn Aftershave Roll on Oil-hemp seed oil, sweet orange, pumpkin seed, rosalina, argan, roman chamomile and carrier oil.
Foot Exfoliator- Himalayan salt, peppermint, coconut oil, castile soap.
Charcoals soap and sponge- manufactured