Rapid Weight Loss Kit

This kit specializes in kick-starting your weight loss journey. The kit includes a full-body detox tea, 21-day serving. VitaliTea is filled with compounds from plants that gently cleanse your digestive system, burn unwanted fat, reduce bloating, boost your energy, and suppress your appetite. The bandage waist trainer is made of comfortable and breathable elastic material, which has strong wrapping force and is not easy to loosen and affect exercise/ daily wear. Combine a healthy diet and proper exercise to accelerate sweating and burn fat quickly.

Rapid Weight Loss Products

Stop your sugar cravings, cut your appetite and, increase your energy level & make every part of your body feel so much better. All-natural products, lose 1-3 inches per week, target belly fat, contain no laxatives.

Whole Body Detox Tea-$29.95

VitaliTea is one of the most powerful detox teas available for micronutrient delivery and elimination of undigested waste in your colon and your digestive system. VitaliTea is filled with compounds from plants that gently cleanse your digestive system and support your health with naturally occurring phytonutrients, high antioxidants, and known healing herbs. -21 servings (will be sent to byebyebelly link)

Healthy Weight Management $59.95

Slimmer is a synergistic blend of clinically studied ingredients to flatten your belly, get rid of toxins, speed up your metabolism & boost your immunity without strict dieting! Unlike other weight loss products, Slimmer does not contain laxatives or stimulants. It's made with 9 powerful metabolism-boosting superfoods. -31 servings (will be sent to byebyebelly link)

Secret Sauce-$9.99

This secret sauce can be added to the Vitaltea or Slimmer product to create a flavored juice. No sugar is included in the secret sauce, but it gives your detox products a favorable experience as you begin your journey to weight loss. Instructions are included.