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What exactly is Body Contouring?

Body Contouring is a non-invasive procedure that helps eliminate fat and shapes areas of the body where weight loss isn't effective. There are various methods of body contouring, ultrasonic cavitation which uses ultrasound waves that burst fatty tissues into a liquid that flushes out through your lymphatic system when you urinate. Radio Frequency uses energy waves to heat the dermis and tightens the skin. This is to only name a few; vacuum suctioning and wood sculpt therapy is also known as body contouring methods.

Frequent asked questions

What is the difference between surgical and non-surgical? Surgical procedures are medical procedures, it may require being put to sleep, injections or incisions. Surgical have long lasting results, most time permanent and requires bed rest for healing process. Non- Surgical are non invasive treatments, they require multiple sessions to see long lasting results and over time require maintenance. The treatments have no downtime, you do not have to take off from work. It's cost effective and often times you can see same day results.

When will l see results? Depending on which service you receive you have a chance to see same day results. After each session it's imperative to follow the aftercare guidelines, this will determine your results.

Are my results permanent? Results can be long lasting if you have a healthy lifestyle. Consistent workout routines, mointering your consumptions of sugar, carbs, starches and water. They all play a major role with permanent results.

How do l book appointment? Click on the book free sculpting session, it's the best way to book. The consultation we will go over your goals, what you expect, measurements will be taken, body fat and water intake will be charted. Together we will customize a plan to fit your needs.

I’m here to help.

I’m Janet Purcell, owner of Heavenly Escape Holistic Spa. I’m ready to help you unlock your body’s full potential through non-invasive procedures, holistic services, and good ole fashion healthy eating habits.

As a Body Contouring Specialist and Holistic Practitioner, my goal is to educate all my clients on alternatives to plastic surgery. As a mother of 2 beautiful children, my body went through various strategies throughout childbirth and the aftermath. I was determined to shed my unwanted fat by any means however, l refused to go under the knife because of the risk involved. I was introduced to alternative options which led me to body contouring and wood sculpt therapy. I was intrigued with the anatomy, the history, and the many benefits it has to offer. The rewarding part of it all is, it allows me to help women with different shapes sizes, from all walks of life, to be able to help them feel confident again in their own skin. Once a woman regains her confidence within herself, she is unstoppable. Heavenly Escape provides a safe and cozy environment to unwind, relax and escape your daily activities. I looking forward to helping more women on their journey to weight loss freedom, by changing lives one body at a time.


Heavenly Escape Spa provides a warm and relaxing experience. I had some saggy skin from having babies and within just a few treatments, l no longer had loose skin. I am so excited about my results, l would recommend everyone to go visit. 

This place is awesome! Janet really understood my needs and made sure that l was pampered. I left feeling so relaxed leaving, l will be sure to return.  

This was my first time experiencing body contouring treatments. I didn't know what to expect but l had great results. Thank you!

“Janet services are amazing. I had terrible eating habits, she gave me a nutrition guide to follow to help maintain my results. I must say after my 2nd treatment l noticed the difference in my stomach. She kept telling me to trust the process and I'm glad l did.

Tiffany Scott